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Italian Food Fiesta: Romancing Italian Cuisine at Westin Kolkata


Now that we look forward to Westin Kolkata coming up with authentic cuisines from across India and the world, it was pleasant surprise when I came to know about the Italian Food Festival. It is on till 22nd July, so if you are thinking where to take your special someone on a romantic dinner date this weekend, you should not think twice.

Here is what you need to know:

Venue: The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat

For Reservations: 9073346781 / 033 4037 1234

Address: CBD/2, Action Area II, New Town, Kolkata, West Bengal-700156

Date: 16th – 22nd July 2018

Timing: Dinner: 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Prices: INR 1399 plus applicable taxes. 


Italian food goes a lot beyond pastas and pizzas, traditional Italian cuisine is known to use lots of cherry tomatoes, all kinds of meat, fish and cheese and a variety of breads. Thanks to Chef Roberto Zorzoli, head chef at Romano’s, the signature Italian restaurant at JW Marriot, Mumbai Sahar,  who has pieced together this rather eclectic range of Italian dishes, MoneyFoodTravel got a ride on the ‘Portal to Italy’ A lowdown on 5 dishes we want to tell you about.

1.     Focaccia : This is one of the most popular breads in Italy and in any part of the world where Italians have settled down. This bread has got a touch of classical antiquity because one can track its origin to ancient Greece and the Etruskans who lived in ancient Italy. Seasoned with olive oil, salt and herbs and topped with black and green olives, this one is can be served as snack or as a side.

Buratta with Fresh Tomato and Arugula: What is Italian food without Mozzarella ? Buratta , translated to Italian as buttery, is however not Mozzarella per se. It has a solid outer roll made out of Fresh Mozzarella which is made into a pouch that is filled with fresh cream.  The net result is a rich and buttery flavour without overdoing it. Buratta makes a nice topping for a salad and goes well with cherry tomatoes, pea shoots , arugula and a hint of basil oil. Trust me; nothing can get more Italian than this.

 Wild Mushroom Risotto:  If I had to pick up one dish, it would be this one. A combination of fresh wild mushrooms and porcini mushrooms is what gives a delicate and earthy flavour to this risotto. You will be drooling over this one for a long long time to come.

Beef Tagliata: Tagliata refers to a sirloin steak cut into thin slices and elegantly served on a bed of mixed greens.  Some research shows that this is the traditional way steaks are grilled in North Italy and served in many Italian restaurants nowadays. The tastier and tender the beef, the better a tagliata is.

Tiramisu Classico: This dessert is what dreams are made of and one of the most beloved Italian desserts.  If you want to get the pronunciation  right you have to say tee-rah-mee-SUE. The perfect marriage of the bold flavours of coffee and espresso with the mild and creamy mascarpone, it actually translates into ‘pick-me-up ‘, which is so appropriate!


At the end of the meal you are sure to say ‘Sono piena come un uovo’ which translates into ‘I am full as an egg!’


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