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About Us

After long and sometimes kinda boring days at work, how do we unwind? Meet our friends over good food or a drink.  And then we turn experts. “I can tell you a better place for momos for less money,” one would say. “They do not know how to cook a good steak,” says another. One of us, with a flair for cooking would say, “Come to my place, I can make better grilled pork chops than this.”

And when we are not discussing food, we are talking of travel. It is mostly where we are going to travel the coming weekend. And then we are scanning the calendar to see when we have the next long weekend. More excitement, more planning and more travel. And hey, where is our next big vacation? That would need planning in advance, figuring out the money aspect, applying for leaves, convincing our partners, buying a new camera and so on.

So when together, all we are talking of is food and travel. And of course money, because without money, we can do neither. And so we decided to channelize our passion, share it with our friends, their friends and practically the whole world. Welcome to MoneyFoodTravel.com. Here’s a culinary journey where we would like you to join us!