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Have you gone paragliding? This girl’s experience will make you want to do so


Flying high in the sky, driven by the wind and admiring the landscape is an experience that cannot be explained in words. I had this wonderful experience in Naukuchiatal , Uttarakhand in June this year.

I am Shrishti Nanhorya, a communication professional from New Delhi. And I am very fond of adventure sports. I have tried out paragliding, scuba diving, kayaking, jet ski, snorkeling and various others water sports. And there are a lot many others on my bucket list. 

I was planning to go paragliding since February 2017, but it worked out in June. Everything was booked instantly since my brother stays in Uttarakhand. The total cost was Rs. 1,800 for the activity. They also charge Rs. 600 hundred extra for photographs and the video.

The activity is recommended for only those people, who do not have a fragile heart.  I had to sign an indemnity form before proceeding which is a standard protocol. There was a pilot assigned who was professionally trained. Paragliding is totally safe. Prior to the flight, they do proper inspection of the equipment to check if there are any issues We were instructed just to relax and enjoy the flight.

And I will say it has been worth the experience. Throughout the flight, I was enjoying. It was incredible looking down from my seat, seeing myself flying high in the sky and enjoying the beauty of nature. There was no apprehension in my mind, since I always wanted to do it. Trust me, up there in the sky, nothing matters.  It is a pure and serene experience.

It was an amazing view and a very exciting experience to be so high up in the sky. Just a few steps running down the hill and I was in the air. I felt like a bird and felt the wind on my face. The world was beneath my feet. Those few minutes I was gliding in the air, I looked at the world beneath me and saw it from the first time in a very different perspective.

Paragliding is something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. It is an experience like no other. But, take all safety precautions and only fly with licensed pilots. Happy paragliding!

Pics provided by the author. 

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