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The Westin Kolkata is having a Parsi food festival and here is why you cannot miss it


My first date with Parsi food was at Britannia & Co in Mumbai, but in Kolkata there are not too many good places serving Parsi food.

So when I heard about the Parsi Food Festival at Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Kolkata I knew I would not miss it for anything.

At MoneyFoodTravel we believe that food and travel are experiences and when we go to a place to eat, it is not just the food we pay for, it is the experience. And that stays with us till a long time after.

Chef Mahrukh Mogrelia has curated the entire concept and menu and when you meet her and talk to her, you know that she, a 5th generation member of a Parsee family from Iran, is as passionate about Parsi food as the Germans are passionate about beer. So much so that she welcomes guests to her ancestral home and treats them with delicious Parsi dishes.

I will quickly run you through 5 dishes, all of which are the mainstay of the Parsi cuisine and to try these and much more do head over to Westin. Here are quick details.

Date: Till 31st March 2019

Timings: 7:30 pm – 11 pm

Buffet @ 1499++ per person

Chicken Farcha

What it is: Fried chicken, mildly spiced and deep fried, a dish that shares some attributes with American Southern fried chicken, which makes us think of KFC. Like KFC it is said that the Parsis have a secret spice which goes into preparing this. The chicken is marinated and generously coated with breadcrumbs and beaten eggs.

How it tastes:  The mild flavour, the egg coating and the crunchy and juicy chicken pieces make an awesome appetiser. Kick off your meal with these.

Patrani Macchi

What it is: Meaning fish cooked in a leaf, this dish has an identical cooking process to the Paturi we Bengalis are so used to, which is a bit surprising as a common place of origin is not known. Patrani Macchi is served at Parsi weddings. The fish is wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf. The fish used here was Rawas and the are spices used were coriander, mint leaves , grated coconut and ginger onion garlic paste, making it different from the Paturi which has mustard in it.

How it tastes: Goes well with steamed rice. Unwrap the delicacy and savour a burst of subtle flavours as you enjoy this very healthy fish preparation.


What it is: It is a spicy scrambled egg dish that is again a mainstay of the Parsi cuisine. Traditionally eaten with pav, the eggs are not overcooked and it stays loose and slightly runny.

How it tastes: It tastes different from egg bhurji or scrambled eggs for sure. The deliciousness of eggs and the crunch of fried onions, chilli, coriander and garlic makes this an egg lover’s delight.  

Keema Pao

What it is: Another Parsi dish, this one is one hell of a snack. Made with minced mutton cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and cinnamon. Served with lightly toasted buttered pavs.

How it tastes: The rich and fiery keema is full of flavours and deep meaty aroma that will do wonders to your mood and palate.

Jardaloo Ma Gosth

What it is: I admit that I kept the best for the last. For someone who has grown up on and vouches for the Bengali style kosha mangsho, this dish was so different and so very unique. This Parsi classic is actually a lamb cooked in Apricot sauce.

How it tastes:  Words fail me, but let me try.  There are definite sweet notes of the apricot, which married with spices and chillies results in an intricate interplay of flavours which are sweet, sour, and spicy, all in a wonderfully magical way. Very tough not to fall hopelessly in love with this one.

In case you are not visiting Mumbai anytime soon, you know where to head this weekend.

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