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Rooftop barbeque party: A do it yourself guide



Saturday roof top parties with friends are a common thing for all of us. You plan for three or four of them and seven or eight of them turn up! The first question that crosses your mind is how you will have enough food for all?

It happened to us on a weekend and we had to prepare something quick, easy and tasty in barbeque style.

A quick visit to the nearby supermarket was the first essential move and then the menu got set as follows:

  • Roasted Chicken Wings, Barbeque Sauce :

After cleaning the chicken wings, season it with salt, chilli vinegar, pepper, paprika powder, ginger – garlic paste, 2 – 3 tablespoons of refined oil, Tabasco sauce and barbeque sauce. Refrigerate for an hour and then it is ready to put on the hot grills.

chicken wings in bar b que sauce with sweet chilli..and tobasco..red wine.

  • Grilled Pomfret, Indian Style:

Marinate the fish in vinegar and keep aside for 15 minutes. This takes off the pungent fishy smell.

After this, wash it with plain water and then marinate for 20 – 30 minutes in salt, little turmeric powder, ginger – garlic paste, red chilli powder, green chilli paste, dhania (coriander) powder, and 2 – 3 tablespoons refined oil.

Brush the fishes with red chilli flakes and refined oil on both sides and grill till they turn nice brown in colour.

grilled stuffed promfret...masala stuff

  • Murg Malai Kebab

Cut boneless chicken thigh into pieces 4-5 inches long.To marinate the chicken pieces ,makes a batter of hung curd ,fresh cream,little cornflour,salt ,white pepper,ginger-garlic paste,freshly grounded cinnamon,green cardamom ,nutmeg and mace.Finally ,add some greated cheese on top .Marinate the chicken pieces for one hour and then carefully place it on the skewers and grill .Brush melted butter on the piece to give a nice sheen and smell to the kebabs.

In a matter of just over 2 hours, our barbeque platter was ready!

malai kebab with cheese or malai


What it costs

Chicken wings: Rs 220/- 1 kg

Chicken boneless chunks: 220/- : 1 kg.

Pomfret: Rs 500/- for 1kg (will give 5 pieces)

Spices and sauces approx.: Rs400

Total: 1350 /-  to 1400/- approx.

Charcoal: Rs 150/kg

Wood, if required: Rs 20/kg

Fun, satisfaction and enjoyment: Priceless!


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