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My coffee evolution


It was around 7 years ago that I realised that plans with friends did not always work out. If A had a long meeting, B had to go to go shopping and C had to go take his kid to a birthday party, so I often ended up alone on evenings after work.

It is then that I started looking for a friend who I could bank on. Someone who would always be available and someone who would never cancel a plan.  And most importantly, someone, who like a friend, would bring me joy.

All this while I was making a small mistake. I was looking for a human to fulfil the gap. Some even look for animals. A pet, I have heard is excellent company.

For me, the answer was coffee. Coffee fitted the bill. It ticked all the points.

  • Coffee would always be available
  • Coffee would never cancel a meeting

And of course, coffee brought me joy. Lots of it.

So I developed a love for coffee. Mostly, I had a book to read with it.

My love for coffee saw a natural evolution. Something Darwin would have been proud of.

I started with the flavoured cappuccinos and lattes. The vanilla and the hazelenut ones. Very soon I grew out of them. I had moved to normal cappuccinos and lattes. I would add one sachet of sugar.

Then I moved to cappuccinos and lattes without sugar. Now, could not think of putting any sugar in coffee.

Then I discovered an espresso. Figured out what I have been missing all along. The only thing with an espresso was that it got over in a single shot. Or maybe a double, if it was a double shot espresso. I am not one of those who will not down an espresso in a single shot. That’s blasphemy

This made me develop e a taste for Americano. Which is nothing but hot water added to an espresso shot. Other variants of ‘black coffee’ includes the French Press (which I make at home) and the pourover. I will get into details later.

So I have finally reached the stage where I just enter a cafe and the staff knows what my order will be. If it is Starbucks, which it mostly is, it is a pourover, dark roast, Sumatra Beans.

All along this journey, Money Food Travel co-blogger Soumya Sattwa Roy has been a companion. We have spent endless hours chatting up over cups of coffee in different cafes all over the city. Appreciated a good cuppa. been critical of bad coffee. Also made coffee at home.

Once I loved milk chocolates. After developing a love for dark chocolates, I cannot have milk chocolates any more. Same with coffee.

Coffee, without cream and sugar. Just like Reacher.

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