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myDaily Meal: A ready to drink shake that can replace your meal


Being a Bengali, I have grown up reading stories of Satyajit’s Ray’s fictional scientist Professor Shanku. Among many of his other quirky inventions, one was a pill that would ward off the need of food and water for the next 24 hours.  As a kid, I thought it would be something really handy.

This is what I got reminded of when I was sent a sample of myDaily meal , a meal replacement shake, for review. Many of us are guilty of skipping meals. It mostly happens when we are travelling and our schedules go haywire, when we are working and have no time to leave our desks or sometimes even at home when we are too lazy to cook or order anything.  myDaily Meal ensures that in such situations, you do not go hungry. Plus your body gets the required nutrients that you need to function.

The idea came to the three cofounders Saurabh Garg, Sunil Rao and Anurag Kedia because they skipped a lot of meals due to their hectic schedule and it affected their health. So they decided to build a meal that was healthy and convenient and got together with scientists and formulators to develop this product which they like to describe as a ‘ perfectly engineered meal’ .

I was about to go on a trek to the jungles in Arunachal just the next day and I carried the sachet with me. On day 3 of our trek, where we had about 14 km to cover, I  started off after a light breakfast but did not carry the packed lunch. At lunchtime, I cut open the sachet, poured the contents into my trekking water bottle, filled it up with water, shook it, and drank. It was creamy, delicious  and tasted just like any other chocolate shake. It was not sweet, so I guess that have not put added sugar, which is a good thing.

I need to say that was not hungry again till about 4 pm when we reached the next camp.  So it served the purpose of lunch at least from the hunger point of view. A look at the back of the pack says that it has all the essential nutrients that your body requires- soy, milk and whey proteins, 12 essential vitamins and 13 minerals.  There is 14 g of dietary water-soluble  fibre extracted from corn, which would be important for the digestive process. The carbohydrates it contains are derived from natural sources and the fats are good fats that do not get stored in your body.

Getting the product is easy. You can order it at mydailymeal.com or at amazon.in.

A 10 meal pack for any flavour costs you Rs 1,249 so that is about Rs 124 per sachet. You can also buy a single pack at Rs 175 and subscription plan of one pack every day for a month at Rs 2,999 through an invitation offer.

So next time you are guilty of skipping meals or having some junk food for lunch or dinner, consider this. For me, I would carry them when travelling , because one thing I do not like is going hungry. And yes, I will not stuff myself on Maggi for the want of anything else.

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