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Phu Quoc: Sea, sun, turquoise waters and delicious seafood, you find all of it here


Located in the Gulf Of Thailand, covering an area of 580 sq kms, this is an island where nature lovers will find a combination of both stunning sea beaches with turquoise blue water and the National park.

The most convenient way of reaching here is by taking flight from Ho Chi Minh City, which takes around 50 minutes. One can opt for the boat or ferry option as well, depending upon the weather condition.

If one wants to see entire Phú Quốc , then one needs to stay at the North, central and South of this island. The best season for visit is from November to March.

North Phú Quốc Island

This tip of Phú Quốc is a remote one, where one will hardly find much of local transport or any local stores as such.  The Ganh Dau beach here is quiet and peaceful. A nice stay option in this part is the Chez Carole resort. One gets the awesome view of the sea and the Cua Can river on the other end. The rooms are all very well furnished and offer its guests just the right mix of the eco – tourism feel along with all modern amenities. It’s well maintained landscapes certainly makes this sea side resort a special one. The food spread is also worth mentioning. One has the choice of authentic Vietnamese cuisine along with regular continental options. 

South Phú Quốc Island

This part is also quite like the North, but the Sao Beach in the An Thoi town often mentioned as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, is simply paradise. White sand and the turquoise water make it an ideal romantic gateway.

Tourists mostly come here during daytime to enjoy the sea, and post sunset return towards the central side of the island.

The only property where one can stay here is the My Lan Hotel . It is not a very fancy one, but the location of the rooms right on the beach makes it ideal if one wishes to stay back for a night at Sao Beach and enjoy the sunrise the next morning. With extremely few tourists around, the morning stroll on the quiet, serene beach will surely refresh your senses.



CentralPhú Quốc Island – Duong Dong

Doung Dong happens to be the epicenter of all tourism on Phú Quốc Island. It is located on the central western coast of the island and is the administrative capital and the largest town in Phú Quốc. This place is full up hotels, eating joints, fish markets, and off course some lovely beaches.

A must visit while you are in Duong Dong would be the Dinh Cau Night Market, where one will get to see and taste almost all sea creatures that one can name of. This is the most exciting place to dine out in the island, having lots of stalls serving fresh Vietnamese sea food and grills. It is no surprise that every day hundreds of visitors come here to try the delicious grilled scallops with onions or grilled squids dipped in fish sauce among other delicacies.

On the journey of exploring the market, one can also make a visit to the Dinh Cau Temple which is beautifully placed on a cliff by the sea and is right across the Phú Quốc harbour. Though a small one, this combination of a temple and lighthouse was built in 1937 to honour the Goddess of the sea. Enjoying the sunset here with the harbour entrance at the background is truly an eye soothing sight.

Long Beach is the other tourist attraction in the central Phú Quốc. As the name suggests, it stretches for almost 20 kms along South western coast. Bai Truong as it is popularly known as has wide golden sand beach with swaying coconut palms around. During the evenings the beach shacks serve some delicious grilled sea food and tourists enjoy these with local Saigaon Beer and music. It is a perfect destination for both those who wants to soak in the sun and relax on the sea loungers as well as for the watersport lovers with options of snorkeling, kayaking and jet skiing.

A nice and popular resort on the Long Beach is the Eden Resort. It is a very well maintained, tastefully furnished and decorated resort located right on the beach. Its private beach and infinity pool with jacuzzi are sure to draw ones attention. Tourists can just relax doing nothing, by spending some quality time on the hammocks and enjoying some nice mocktails prepared fresh at their seaside bar. 

Pack your bags and visit Phú Quốc as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed.

( Photographs by the author)




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