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Travel is her muse, it inspires her to create and rediscover herself


For artist Swati Pasari, her art is an act of soul searching and so are her travels. Here she tells us how travel inspires her art, helps her get to know the unknown and seek the divine. 

In order to create you need to have an open mind and to have an open mind you need to travel. So travel plays a major role in my works of art. As I roam all around the earth I get to know the unknown and seek the divine. The colours and patterns around me amaze me and I look up in awe of the divinity. This gets reflected in my art work which is a search for the soul. 

Art is soul searching and so is travel. My last tour was in the hills in Dalai Lama’s abode in Dharamshala – an abode of peace. There the majestic Himalayas, the simplicity of life of the people, the music that was in the air – all reinforced the belief that life is colourful, beautiful and much beyond the mundane daily existence. It was indeed a search for divine and through my art work I seek the same.



I am a very detailed traveller- I do not travel just in order to party or have fun. I travel to discover the unknown and thus rediscover myself. Thus when I travel I do detailed research on the destination and know about the local culture. When at the place I indulge in the local cuisine, explore and in fact try to imbibe the local traditions. I do not carry a camera – I carry my art kit through which I do rough sketches of my desirable subjects.

I have travelled around the globe and in India. Paris, Milan, Greece, Florence, London – in fact all the favourite destinations of art aficionados have been my halt.


In India, I have extensively travelled in the hills with Himachal being one of my top favourites. There is no such favourite destination, as an artist I find newness and seek the divine in every destination and they are bound by a comm on thread for me. But true, I love the Himalayas and the hills for sure.
I have only one advice for other travellers – travel with an open mind. Travel to seek and explore.

(Swati Pasari is an artist who has a distinct style of painting. Her works speak mainly about immortality, timelessness, inner stillness, peace and meditation. Painting is a reflection that portrays her inner soul. She has been painting since a long time and each of her artistic excellence is a portrayal of joy and celebrations of life. She has already exhibited her paintings in several parts of India as well as abroad. Check out more details about her art at swatipasari.com.

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