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‘T’-ing on a weekend @Andrew Yule Tea Lounge’ inside ECO-Park


A tea destination for tea lovers to enjoy their favourite beverage along with a real feel of the “Tea garden“right in Kolkata.

Andrew Yule – Tea Lounge in Eco Park has ensured that whoever visits their place will get the different varieties of Tea along with food platters that one usually gets on the hills. As soon as one enters the wooden bungalow set amidst the tea garden and the ‘Ghum railway station’ , the smell of the fresh beverage comes right along to enchant your senses . If you are one who appreciates good tea , this is the place to be . The tea is brewed and served the way it should in an infuser with a sand timer. The staff will help you appreciate your cup of tea, telling you how you should set your timer depending on how strong you want your tea . The idea is just not drinking a cup of tea, but an experience to cherish. 

The entire range of Darjeeling and Assam Tea including the flavoured iced teas are on offer. The meat lovers will get their pork momo, pork ham, bacon and sausages served with sunny side up and fresh toasts.

On weekends there is special live Barbeque on offer called  ‘Mahishashur platter’  comprising of grilled pork bacon, beef steak, roasted chicken thighs , grilled basa , pomfret and squids.

To get the other ‘Teeing’ experience one needs to walk down another 4 minutes to arrive at the newly added Golf course of Kolkata. A ‘golf for all’ concept where anyone who is fascinated by the sport can play, unlike the other elite established clubs in Kolkata.

Along with the golf course, there is a refreshment lounge where one can enjoy snacks with tea from Darjeeling and the only Sikkim Tea estate – the Temi Tea Garden. All this right here in the busy metropolis. 

Some unique imported varieties of herb and flower tea is also being offered here.  The place is surely worth a visit, if shopping malls are not your idea of spending a weekend.




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