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Seasonal Tastes: A curated and customised culinary experience


A drive through Rajarhat is incomplete without a glance at the tall twin towers right opposite Eco Park gate 1. One of them houses the Westin Kolkata, one of the newest 5 star properties in town. The lift takes you up to the 31st floor of this rather impressive structure, but right now, if you are not staying at the hotel, you should head up to the 10th floor which houses Seasonal Tastes, their all day dining restaurant


Chef Ravish Ranjan Mishra, the executive Sous Chef, The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat, in a chat with MoneyFoodTravel tells you about the restaurant, its focus and some of the dishes that he recommends guests to try out.

Their USP

In my opinion the key behind the success for any restaurant is the quality ingredients. We don’t compromise on ingredients and quality to the extent of getting authentic ingredients for classic preparations, high quality chocolate with rich cacao content, good quality fresh sea food, French butter and cream, authentic origin cold cuts, and so on. Going with the Marriott philosophy of going local, we try to get the freshest produce available in the local market.

Our buffet is a collection of carefully selected and balanced dishes to cater to all kind of requirements and tastes without compromising on quality.

The focus on ‘Eat Well’

Our menus are crafted on the Westin guidelines of ‘Eat Well’. All the a la carte menus have cuisine made with a combination of one or two superfoods, handpicked from the superfoods recipe tool kit of the Westin Brand. Even the Buffet menus are crafted on the same guidelines. You will see the extensive usage of ingredients like oats, beetroot, blueberries, kale, turkey, dark chocolate, spinach etc. which are superfoods classified ingredients in the menu and on the buffet.  


Buffet talk

We have a cyclic menu for 8 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also have regional specialties which make the buffet vibrant .Lunch is priced at Rs1250 +taxes and dinner at Rs 1500 +taxes.  d

A 5-star experience

Dining at a five star is an experience and at Seasonal Tastes we try to exceed expectations by curating a culinary experience customized by our team of young, dynamic, energetic kitchen associates. Every diner is greeted and met with. Each signature item from the a la carte menu is explained by the chefs. The menu is flexible, and dishes are customized for guests as per request. Feedbacks are taken very seriously, and the entire team works together on the areas of improvement to make the experience better every day.

Signature dishes

Ramen Noodle Soup from the Buffet noodle bar (preferably non-veg): – The process of making the broth is same as Consommé. It is a crystal clear intense flavoured broth served with freshly blanched vegetable and ramen noodle.

Sweet Potato Salad: – A dish from our healthy menu option, consists of sweet potato tossed in tangy maple vinaigrette, a perfect combination of health and taste

Slow Cooked Chicken Breast: – Chicken breast is cooked in French butter fora long time at a very low temperature of 65-70′ c. This helps to keep them juicy and it is served with compressed chicken leg mousse.

Chocolate Tart: – Homemade crisp tart shell filled with 72% cacao single origin Venezuela dark chocolate ganache.

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