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Review: Octavius Darjeeling Tea and Green Tea


An avid tea drinker, I was quite excited to review samples of Octavius tea that has recently introduced a new range of tea collections. Having received them on the weekend, I had the time to make myself some tea and enjoy a leisurely cuppa. At present, they are offering 7 variants of tea and plan to bring in more variants soon. My review of their Darjeeling tea and Green tea.

Darjeeling Tea

Darejeeling 1

It is not without reason that Darjeeling tea is called the champagne of teas. Just like Champagne can only be manufactured in the Champagne district of France, Darjeeling tea grows only in Darjeeling. And believe me, there are very few experiences on earth that can rival sipping a hot cup of Darjeeling tea on a rainy Sunday morning, as was the one in Kolkata, when I was brewing my cup of Octavius Darjeeling tea. Loved the way it came neatly packed in a tin, and as I cut open the aluminum pack inside, I was struck by the rich aroma of the whole leaf tea. Second flush Darjeeling tea, like this one, has a dark brown colour, is full-bodied and comes with a unique muscatel aroma that makes Darjeeling tea so special. How one makes one’s tea has a lot of bearing on the taste and the brewing instructions on the pack are handy. For me, sipping on a good cup of Darjeeling tea should give you a feel of the misty and magical mountains where it is grown. And I need to admit that I was not disappointed.

Green Tea


We all know that packed with anti-oxidants, green tea is one of the healthiest beverages one can have. But then people have a squeamish about drinking green tea, mainly because it is bland to taste. I have never been one for tea bags and also I generally avoid flavoured green teas. Being a regular green tea drinker, I prefer to let the water cool a bit after it boils before pouring it on the tea leaves, because, if the water is too hot the tea tends to get bitter. I let it brew for about one and a half minutes since I like my tea strong and richer in colour. Though this is a personal choice, steeping it too much might make your tea bitter. The first sip of the golden brown fluid was soothing and had a smooth and earthy flavour. For those who think green tea is green in colour, (I too believed the same when I first started drinking green tea), Japanese green tea, which is steamed, produces a green brew, while when it is roasted, it yields a golden brown colour. One should drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily to maximise its benefits and if you are a green tea lover, would recommend this over tea bags that you can pick up at any departmental store.

You can buy Octavius tea at their website www.octavius.in or from Amazon, Grofers and Big Basket.


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