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Egg lovers unite! AndaMental, Mumbai, offers a host of eggciting egg and veg dishes


When craving for a snack,it is often a fight to keep a balance between what you eat, the price and of course how healthy it is. Here is where AndaMental, this quick service restaurant at Azad Nagar , Mumbai, steps in. Their USP- they offer various dishes to cater to eggeterians and vegetarians and their best part is that they are open till 3.30 am and can satisfy midnight hunger pangs as well.

MoneyFoodravel was invited to a review and here are 4 must –try dishes that we simply loved! We will talk about the egg dishes here- Andalettes ( Omelet served with pao and salad) , Anda Curries ( served with pav and salad) , Anda rolls and Anda Rice.

The Australian Omelet: At a place which specializes in egg dishes, the omelets better be good and the Australian Omelet is one dish you would have to try out. This one is made of eggs, mushrooms, exotic veggies and grated cheese. With a delicate skin encasing a soft interior and a generous topping of cheese, this one is a delight. At Rs 140, a great thing to order if you have skipped your breakfast and cannot wait till lunch.

AndaMental Maggie: Maggi is a perennial favourite and this one is Maggi cooked in egg curry and garnished with loads of grated cheese. A very filling dish and very tasty, this would be a big hit with maggi-loving youngsters.


Cheese Anda Baida Roti: This is a plain omelet overloaded with cheese and wrapped into a roll. A simple dish for the die-hard eggie, you can opt for one without cheese as well.

Afghani  Anda Curry: This is an egg curry with four different flavours of curry – makhani , tomato, onion and tadka with two boiled eggs and one grated egg. What you have is an interesting mix of tastes that tickles your taste buds. Served with Pao , this is a meal in itself. It is priced at Rs 145.

What we liked about the place is that it is small place where you can definitely drop in for a treat but you can also order if you are hungry at home or office.  They sure know ande ka funda!

( Photographs by the author)

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