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Burnt Garlic to launch a new menu and we cannot wait for the Fish and Chips in Vodka Batter!


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The good thing about the restaurant scene in Kolkata now is that people are not shy of experimenting with formats. Some of these work, some of these may not, but two things are for sure. The restaurant owners are not afraid to try something new and the foodies do not mind that either.

Burnt Garlic, the restobar was launched in December 2016. It is in the in the same building that houses Priya Cinema on Rashbehari avenue and hence it can boast of one of the coolest locations in town.  

Their USP- it has got quirky and interesting interiors. They play live music on most days which could be both retro and contemporary. When it comes to the food, they do not shy away from experimenting with their menu.

MoneyFoodTravel had a chat with the manager Gavin Baptist. He is the kind of person who will sit and explain things to you, answer your questions and very politely excuse himself when he receives a call. Plus he is a man passionate about the brand and with a keen ear on feedback from patrons. We asked him about the restaurant and its journey so far and this is what he told us.  

What is the focus of your menu? We have focused on Old World Continental fare Kolkata style and Oriental. We have not changed our food and stuck to our basics. We added Oriental to our menu which was the cuisine in demand.

Our Phat mama Rice Bowls, and the Signature fresh fruit cocktails are a hit, we had to work on our quantity and increase our variety which we did in our new menu which was launched in June 2017.

What are some of your most popular dishes?:  The Burnt Garlic fried Chicken and Cottage Cheese which is juicy inside and has a crispy coating of wanton sheets is very popular. The Krabi style chicken and prawns where the sauce is a secret recipe served with mushrooms and bell pepper is also a favourite. The Burnt Garlic Falkes Pizza and the Oregano Chicken Burger are also the rage.

What makes you stand out? Right from the time we take the booking which is the first point of contact for the guest or at  the reception desk which is always manned to greeting and seating, we establish contact with our guests. After which comes the order, suggesting, serving and then checking on the food at every table. Our staffs are well trained and we have a briefing regarding the same on a daily basis.  We make sure each guest has a delightful experience overall.

What’s next: We are launching a new menu from 1st December 2017. Some of the new items in the menu will be Tom Yum Soup, Thai Raw Papaya Salad, Lamb Kibbe and Chocolate cookie with vanilla ice-cream or salted caramel ice-cream. In starters we are introducing Sauté Mushroom with lemons. Other new dishes include the Chilli Crusted Grilled Bhetki, Fish and Chips in Vodka Batter and Wine Infused Mushroom Risotto. We are also introducing the schezwan and hot/mild garlic sauce options with choice of meat to offer more variety in the Oriental section. Other plans going ahead include winter cocktails and a new array of desserts.

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