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Dine like a king: Experience Rampur Nawabi delicacies at Westin Kolkata


For Reservations: 033 4037 1234

Dates: 20th June – 1st July 2018

Timing: Dinner: 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Prices: INR 1399 plus applicable taxes



I have a weakness for Seasonal Tastes, the 10th floor restaurant at The Westin Kolkata, because of the view it offers. When it rains, things get even better.

Their latest offering is the Rampur Nawabi Food Festival where you can savour the authentic dishes from one of the most unimposing yet exceptional cuisines of the Rampur Nawabs which reflects their culinary tradition and is as beautiful and timeless as one of Mirza Ghalib’s shayaris. 

Kolkata has always had a diverse taste for food, one that that is often threatened by the fierce love for Biriyani and the quintessential Tangra Chinese, and such food festivals, apart from a culinary delight, also does its bit in educating people, and the food bloggers like us.

Rampuri cuisine is the lesser known of Mughlai cuisines, as compared to its more famous Awadhi counterpart. Developed by the chefs of the Nawabs, it is known for its distinct flavours and dishes with recipes passed on from the royal kitchens. Here are 5 reasons why the foodie in you should consider a visit to the Rampuri Food festival, because you don’t get to taste these dishes commonly elsewhere. Plus you will find a slice of history with every bite.  


Moradabadi mutton biriyani: This scrumptious mutton Biriyani that is light on spices, non-oily and rich in flavour, bears the name of the town 166 kms from Delhi. The Mughal style of Biriyani evolved into a different version wherever it reached. There are several good Muradabadi joints in New Delhi and I got reminded of a similar Biriyani I had at a restaurant in Janakpuri a few years ago.


Tar Quorma: A delicacy from the kitchen of the Nawabs, this quorma with its rich, creamy gravy is a mutton dish like no other. The trick is the fine balance of spices and slow cooking which are the hallmark of Rampuri cuisine. 


Murgh Changezi: Here is a dish named after Genghis Khan, the greatest conqueror the world has ever known. Changezi is also a popular surname in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Genghis Khan never invaded Delhi, so one is not sure how this dish got the name, but it certainly has some Mongol influence. Again, the preparation is not very spicy but cooked in a rich mix of milk, ghee , cashew and cream and you start believing that the brutal military leader had a good choice when it came to food!


Gosht ka halwa: If you are one of those who always wondered why sweets are also referred to as sweetmeats, this one is literally a sweet with meat in it. It is halwa made with minced lamb meat, cooked in real ghee, and scented with saffron and cardamom! A royal way to end any meal for sure!

Gulatthi: If you are phrini fan, this one , a Rampuri version of phirni is in a different league altogether. Unlike phirni it does not have rice in it, and is not too sweet. Sit back, relish it, drool over the creamy goodness.

Some other dishes like the Fish Baluchi, Kachhi Gosth ki Tikki  and Mirch Ka Halwa also deserve special mention.

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