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Wow! Momo: The Wow in one of Kolkata’s favourite streetfoods


Momos are something that everyone loves. For the health conscious, you have the steamed momos and for those who want something with a bit more of zing, there are the fried or even the Schezwan version. A Tibetan dish, also popular in places like Nepal and Sikkim, most of us in Kolkata have been feasting on momos for a while at these momo places in Elgin Road or the ever-crowded momo stall at Exide Crossing. When Wow! Momo opened in Kolkata, they were actually tapping into a big market. What remained to be seen is how soon they spread across the city and became visible and how successfully they innovated on their menu.

They have expanded rather rapidly, starting with kiosks and then opening dine-in outlets plus several stalls at metro stations which never had food options in the past. Over time, they have  penetrated the consciousness of the Kolkatan who love momos.

I jumped at an opportunity to review it and decided to try a couple of new things on the menu. I ordered Fried Chicken Momo, Chicken Tandoori Momo, a new addition to their menu and the Baked Momo Au Gratin. Had tried the moburgs before and found it interesting that they were trying to make momos into a meal, rather than a snack so that people also thought about a dinner with momos. Everything I ordered was chicken as it was late Sunday evening and they had run out of fish and prawns.

The Fried Chicken Momo , was crispy and juicy, both at the same time, something you expect in a momo and went well with their signature sauce.

The Tandoori chicken momo was a real revelation, there were 6 pieces in a plate which cost Rs 170 and as the name says , had the smoky flavour of tandoor in the guise of a momo. This one is going to be a sure hit when served as a finger food with drinks.

The Au Gratin had a cheesy top layer and loads of sauce and spaghetti underneath. I found the sauce a bit too hot and would rather have an option of whether I want it a little less spicy, as this will depend a lot on personal tastes. Also, the dish was innovative but I felt that they might have chopped up the momos rather than leaving them whole.  This is a thing with new dishes, some of these will take some time to get used to, like their chocolate momo which I quite like but which some of my friends are still not used to.

With such expansion and innovation, Wow! Momo!seems to be on the right path to become more popular in a city which loves it food. The new innovations in the menu need to continue and they would require to experiment a lot more before some more of these dishes have a cult fan following. With a lot of stores, in the city, next time when you are in the mood for some momos, go Wow Momo!

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