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Quest for Coffee:A daily coffee dose


If you are at Quest Mall and in mood for a cup of coffee, try these out!

While coffee lovers would like to stick to their espressos and cappuccinos most of the times, some of us do not mind experimenting a bit with flavours and tastes. Here are three distinct types of coffee we loved and recommend.

Infused Cinnamon Mocha CappuccinoInfused cinnamon mocha

Where: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Inspiration: The combination of chocolate and cinnamon is essentially of Mexican origin where cinnamon flavoured hot chocolate is common. This one has got coffee too!

What is it: The cinnamon powder, mixed with sugar is especially procured from the US. Plus there is espresso, milk foam and 15 ml chocolate syrup and a garnish of chocolate syrup on top.

How to have it: Stir it lightly with the spoon. No need to add sugar.

How it tastes: Tastes of coffee and chocolate with the light spicy flavour of cinnamon.

Goes best with: Banana Nut Cake and Eggless Almond Cake


Russian Sober EspressoChilled Russian Sober Espresso

Where: Q33

Inspiration: As the name suggests it is Russian. The coffee is a delicious take on the bar drink and does not have vodka, so it is sober!

What it is: A pre-sweetened strong coffee on the rocks. Made with 1/3 glass of crushed ice, a mix of espresso and maple syrup and coconut milk lightly poured from the top.

How to have it: Stir it lightly with the spoon, add sugar if needed.

How it tastes: The chilled coffee has a stronger flavour, a slightly sweet and caramelised taste from the maple syrup and the rich flavour of coconut milk.  

Goes best with: Chilli cheese toast and Cuban Chicken Panini sandwich


Cafeccino Latte OrangeOrange Latte an innovation coffee

Where: Caffecino

Inspiration: The idea is to have a different flavour in your coffee. Citrus juices have traditionally been paired with coffee and this one is a take on that.

What it is: Latte flavoured with orange crush. There is 30 ml of espresso, 15 ml of orange crush, mixed by spoon in a cup. 400 ml of chilled fresh milk is steamed into a froth at 160 °F is then poured into the cup. A bit of orange crush is then added from the top to give it a distinct look.

How to have it: Stir lightly with spoon. No need to add sugar.

How it tastes: The orange balances the bitterness and somewhat enhances the flavour of coffee. What you have is a whiff of citrus and not necessarily a citrus taste.

Goes best with: Walnut/ Almond Brownie, Chocolate Muffin

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