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The World On a Plate: MoneyFoodTravel’s culinary journey at Fortune Select Excalibur


If all fast food could be fitted in a menu then probably even the pages of an Oxford dictionary would run short. MoneyFooodTravel was invited to a fast food tasting session at Zodiac, the multi-cuisine restaurant at  ITC Fortune Select Excalibur at Sohna road, Gurgaon. I arrived there right on time to be greeted by a bevy of fast food from different corners of the world. Every country has its own version of the fast food. Yet they all have the same essence- it’s meant to be eaten fast!

There was fast food from India, China and South Africa from amongst a lot of other countries. The food was neatly laid out as I got down to taking some pictures. I could not wait to devour it!

I started my ambitious mission to taste as much food as possible with Kolkata’s famous roll. The roll was perfect and the kasundi ( mustard sauce) made sure that your taste buds got the right kick at the right time. kolkata-roll

As I slowly started to hover my eyes at the food I pounced upon gol gappa(not puchka). The potato and kala channa filling was good but nothing extraordinary. After gorging on 5-7 pieces, I forgot that I had to put the tangy water in it too! gopgappa

I was served kachori and aloo subzi on my plate next. While the kachori was a pretty standard fare, the aloo subzi accompanying it felt as authentic as that from the ghats of Varanasi. The tangy flavour with the subtlety of the masalas in the aloo subzi flowed as smooth as molten chocolate in the Cadbury silk ads. I had to stop eating it since I had yet to taste a lot of other stuff. kachuri

I next settled for some Bunny Chow from South Africa. I tasted it for the first time and it packed a powerful flavour. The stew nestling in the tough bread bowl was definitely a delight to look at.

On my agenda next were the Chinese dishes. The Mongolian Fish amidst the noodles was delicious while the dumplings accompanying it were soft and tasty. Amidst all the food and the flavours, I kept sipping on the freshly squeezed and cold sugarcane juice which kept things moving along. ganne

The highlight of my meal was the Mysore paddu. The soft paddu just melted in my mouth while the curry leaf crunch added character to this wonderful dish. unnamed

I ended my meal with some munchies like tacos and peanuts which lent a savoury end to the meal. I could not stay over to taste the desserts. But I am sure they had as much going for them as the rest of the food.

Mr Inder Dev, the chef drew inspiration from his travels around the world to come up with the spread of hygienic but authentic street food.

The food was definitely good but I felt it could have been served a bit more warm. Nonetheless if you are around in Delhi or Gurgaon then do drop in here for some lip smacking street food from around the world.

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