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Recipe corner: Grilled Fish, Home Style


It was a chilly Sunday afternoon when my husband and planned to have fish for lunch, but in a different style!

My husband decided to make grilled fish with ‘Vietnamese Baasa’ which I had bought a day before. His experiments with food have always been a success and I readily agreed!

The big fish slice was dipped in white wine vinegar, salt, red chilli flakes, parsley, white pepper, salt, rosemary and some fresh orange slices. We then refrigerated it for around 2 hrs. Meanwhile, the charcoal grill fire was ready. The fish was laid over the grill and was occasionally brushed with little olive oil mixed with chilli flakes and rosemary on both sides.

In 30 – 35 minutes, the fish got ready; he served it on a plate along with fresh orange wedges, some orange peels and freshly slit green chilies.
Our Sunday afternoon was set with grilled fish and toasted garlic bread along with a glass of white wine.

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