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The Westin Kolkata is having a Parsi food festival and here is why you cannot miss it

My first date with Parsi food was at Britannia & Co in Mumbai, but in Kolkata there are not too many good

Enjoy Dal Baati Churma and much more at JW Marriott, Kolkata

Savor the iconic dishes from Bikaner, combining an explosion of flavors that will get your taste buds tingling

Jamshedpur: Where millnnials meet music

As I finally get back to work on this New Year, after the first few customary days of celebrations and making

Jamshedpur: The charming town with tree lined roads and quaint cafes

Having grown up in Durgapur, I was fascinated on my first visit to Jamshedpur, which incidentally is only 4

This Diwali, gift happiness in a box

Diwali is a season of spreading love and happiness. Traditionally this is also the season when we give gifts to…

Paella: A tale of two cities

Call it a co-incidence, if you will, but the same day I was at Westin Kolkata to attend the Spanish Food Fiesta, my…

NSEW: This Independence Day celebrate cuisines from the four corners of the country at…

Venue: Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat For Reservations: 033 4037 1234 Address: CBD/2, Action…

Italian Food Fiesta: Romancing Italian Cuisine at Westin Kolkata

Now that we look forward to Westin Kolkata coming up with authentic cuisines from across India and the world, it…




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